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    HUGE team lots and player lots available! Request inside!

    Its simple, just request a player or team and I will put together a number of cards of whatever I have available of that team or player and give you a price. Prices vary on teams but I can give prices per card on players. REQUEST A LOT TODAY, CASH ONLY NO TRADING!

    I have tons of books loaded full of stars and old reprints and new stars, boxes full of players all in protectors make a request today!

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I don't have enough of Grieve or Hernandez to put together much of anything, sorry

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    I have lots of Ripkens I believe I will start getting them together tonight, what will you pay per card?

    Nope actually I have no Gordons.

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    Notice- On lots please do not ask for one if you need to know every set name, brand, year, and player in the lot. If you are getting a team lot you will get the top brands and current and past players from that team but I refuse to list every single card. It is time consuming enough searching through all the cards and finding them. Thanks !

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