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    anyone trading cards/memorbilia for PS2 games? list inside

    im looking to trade my PS2 games for auto/gu cards or auto memorbilia in any is a list...all BV are negotiable.

    The Incredibles BV$30
    Silent Hill 3 BV$35
    Tomb Raider- Angel of Darkness BV$30
    The Punisher BV$35
    Mortal Kombat- Deadly Alliance BV$30
    Terminater 3- Rise of the Machines BV$20
    Soul Reaver 2 BV$20
    Medal of Honor- Rising Sun BV$25
    Dark Angel- Vampire Apoclypse BV$20
    Baldurs Gate- Dark Alliance BV$20
    Pinball Hall of Fame BV$20
    Strike Force Bowling BV$20
    Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 BV$25
    Ghost Recon BV$25
    Tekken Tag Tournament BV$25
    Prince of Persia- Sands of Time BV$25
    Spiderman 2 BV$35
    Star Wars Battlefront BV$25
    Kessen BV$20
    Tenchu- Wrath of Heaven BV$25
    Hitman 2- Silent Assassin BV$30
    Celebrity Deathmatch BV$20
    Stuntman BV$20
    Spyhunter BV$20
    Grand Theft Auto Vice City BV$30
    Metal Gear Solid 2 BV$30
    Dead to Rights BV$25
    Mission Impossible- Operation Surma BV$25
    Bad Boys- Miami Takedown BV$20
    Pride Fighting Championship BV$20
    Tony Hawks Underground BV$20
    Shaun Palmers Pro Snowboarding BV$20
    Fight Night 2004 BV$25
    NBA Street Vol.2 BV$25
    ESPN NBA 2k5 BV$25
    NBA Starting Five BV$20
    NFL Street BV$20
    Madden 2005 BV$25
    ESPN NFL 2k5 BV$25
    NCAA Football 2003 BV$20
    High Heat Baseball 2004 BV$20
    Tiger Woods 2004 BV$20
    Hot Shots GOlf 3 BV$20

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