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    looking for cards of defunct teams

    i am looking for any cards of teams that arent around anymore EXCEPT THE EXPOS.any teams like the senators,colt 45s,or pilots(or any others i have forgotten)i will take.just lmk what youd need in return for em.

    also i am not buying.


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    hey, i have one card and it's in pretty bad shape, but it's yours if you want it...

    1967 Topps 362 Darold Knowles (Washington Senators)

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    ill take it.i dont mind condition.

    do you need anything for it?

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    i would definitely like something back in return for it. what i'm trying to do is start my GU/AUto collection because i don't have any of those kind of cards yet. I'm willing to give you the card plus one or two more for a GU or Auto card. let me know what you think.

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    sure i love staring people out w/something to start out there collection.

    i cant give up anything big for a few oler cards(sorry i would really like to)but i could trade a smaller one.i could give up any of these from my bucket:

    white BAT
    laird JSY
    davis AUTO
    marquis AUTO

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