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    i thought i got rid of it,i still have this stupid nash richardson dual auto for sale

    well i thought i had it sold on ebay but i turms out one of my best friends won the auction. then afterwards he decided he didnt want the card anymore so i traded him some baseball stuff and now im stuck with this stupid auto again. im looking to sell this for paypal only. and i want to get rid of it and never see it again. please make a paypal offe rif intersted dont ask me what i want just make an offer bv-160.

    here is a scan

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    Ill give you my baseball bucket for it. check my site and I have some nice RCs not on my site and I got a bonderman baseball and adam dunn patch card / 50
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    ill pass im looking to sell mostly and i didnt really see anything that intersted me.

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    edit-nevermind now lets see some offers
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    up for the morning guys.

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    if i dont sell it tonight im going to put it back on ebay and now that my friend rea;izes he doesnt want it its gonna go on the bay and be gone for good if it doesnt go tonight.

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