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    Chris Paul/Marvin Williams Dual SP Auto /25 FT/FS

    now putting this up for trade or for sale, just trying to deal this card at the time. please make some offers or let me know if your interested and i will check some sites. thank you.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    alright, I need to get rid of this card...taking the best offer (paypal or money order) need to try and get rid of it by Monday night so I can pay for some things, in need of the money. books $250, paul/deron williams /75 sold for $131.00 a few days ago. this one is only out of /25.

    here is a link to the paul/d williams dual /75 on ebay...

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    I can give you GU's and Auo's cuz I don't have much money.t

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    I might be able to offer a samll amount of money

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    Lmk what you would need for it, depending on what you need of course.

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