Here we go...this lot books for over $450, i'm trying to get out of the card trading, so i'm selling these 25 cards for $100 dlvd! That's roughly 20% book value! Looking for PayPal, and looking to ship same day. Shipping would be by UPS Ground. PLMK if interested, included cards are listed below, and scans are in my photobucket. Thank you in advance.

Clyde Drexler SP Buyback Auto-NO BV
LaDainian Tomlinson RC jersey /400-$60 BV
Josh Smith SPx auto/jersey /1999-$50 BV
Quad Bat Helton/B Giles/S Green/P Wilson-$25 BV
Willie McGinist SP Auto-$25 BV
John LeClair gu stick-$25 BV
Kevin Garnett Legendary jersey-$25 BV
Randy Moss Skybox RC-$25 BV
Kerry Wood SP Auto RC-$20 BV
Kobe Bryant SPx RC-$20 BV
Peyton Manning Arora RC-$20 BV
Alex Rodriguez SP jersey-$15 BV
Gary Sheffield gu bat-$15 BV
Willie Stargell gu bat-$15 BV
Randy Moss Authentix jersey-$15 BV
Darius Miles Fleer RC jersey-$12 BV
Vernon Wells gu bat-$10 BV
Jeff Kent SP jersey-$10 BV
Marcus Trufant SAGE Auto RC-$10 BV
Miguel Tejada UD jersey-$10 BV
Mike Miller Warm-Up-$10 BV
Shaun King SAGE Auto RC-$9 BV
Brian Boucher SP jersey-$8 BV
Erick Barkley SPx auto/jersey /2500-$6 BV
Matt Harpring SP Auto RC-$6 BV

Total Book Value (not including the Clyde Drexler buyback auto) = $446