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Thread: $455 BV Roger Maris $55 B-I-N

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    $455 BV Roger Maris $55 B-I-N

    All ya gotta do is click my E-Bay ID. (on your left under the lovely lady, Heather Mitts). It'll take you there... 1 step from owning them (If you're the first one there!) Good luck to the fastest fingers!

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    Don't be afraid to look at the other auctions (TED WILLIAMS, PUJOLS etc.)

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    Revised... start price is now 1 cent with no reserve instead. Thanks for pointing out my need to revise her. I appreciate it.

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    Well, I bid a few times and got it up there a little for you. The winner ended up getting it for less than a dollar over my last bid, so if I would have bid again, I probably would have won it. :(

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