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Thread: 2 Members, 1 Computer!

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    2 Members, 1 Computer!

    Here at SCF, we are always looking out for ways to make the members time here a safe and enjoyable one. While we can't be watching 24/7, we are aware of every new member here that joins. Since most of you don't know this, when a member uses his/her friends computer to check out SCF, it will come up as a red flag. It will show this as a duplicate account, which is not allowed here on SCF.

    All we ask is if you are at your friends house on their computer or planning on using any internet accessible device that a member has used to login onto SCF, please contact either patriotsguy, his name is Roger, or Rybowski, and my name is Ryan.

    When you do this it notifies us that a member may be using 2 separate user names!
    If you are guilty of this you will probably be hearing from patriotsguy asking for ID verification showing that there are indeed 2 separate members.

    Any questions regarding this, please don't hesitate to contact patriotsguy or myself regarding this matter.
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    Thanks for your hard work making this site the best it can be!

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