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    FT-06 Press Pass, Press Pass SE, Topps DPP, Score, Prestige, Threads & 2006 Topps NFL

    I am trying to complete these sets. Any help would be appreciated. I have 2006 Topps NFL, 2006

    Threads 2006 Topps DPP, 2006 Score, 2006 SAGE Hit, 2006 press pass, 2006 press pass SE, along

    with brands listed below for trade. If intersted, let me know what you need.

    2006 Press Pass Blue Parallel Cards Needed:
    #20 Derek Hagan
    #28 Trevor Wilson
    #43 AJ Hawk

    2006 Press Pass Big Numbers Needed:
    BN7-L. Pope
    BN16-AJ Hawk
    BN23-J. Harrison

    2006 Press Pass Power Pick Needed:
    47-M. Lienart
    49-AJ Hawk

    2006 Press Pass Paydirt Needed:
    PD6-R. Bush
    PD10-M. Lewis

    2006 Press Pass SE Old School:
    OS7-C. Greenway
    OS22-R. Bush
    OS27-Checklist-R. Bush

    2006 Press Pass SE Class of 2006:
    CL1-R. Bush

    2006 SA-GE Hit base set needs:
    17-D. Slay

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    i have the Lienart PowerPick... do you have any Maroney or Chad Jackson; or even David Thomas?
    I collect: Kevin Faulk and Shane Vereen, Brady (Pats), Carmelo Anthony (Knicks); NY Yankees

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    what do you need from these:
    2006 Score, 2006 SAGE Hit,2006 press pass SE

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