OK spent the weekend sorting through all my base MMA cards. I have so many extras it isn't funny! So does anyone need a LARGE flat rate box full of cards for starter sets or TTMing? I can also break it down into a medium flat rate box. I am looking for $40 dlvd. for the medium flat rate box, and $60 for the large flat rate box. Here is a breakdown of what I found... if you buy the large box, you will get ALL of thee (if they fit!)
All counts are close, give or take a few! Total of just over 3000 cards. Will consider offers too!
2015 Topps Champiopns: 38
2015 Topps Chronicles: 39
2014 Topps Champions (includes possible silvers, hard to tell): 220
2009 Topps Rounds 2: 190
2010 Topps Main Event: 390
2010 Topps Round 4: 490
2012 Finest: 24
2013 Finest: 4 (yes, four!)
2011 Topps Moment of Truth: 345
2011 Topps Moment of Truth Gold: 9
2011 Topps Title Shot: 340
2011 Topps Title Shot Gold: 185
2010 Leaf: 250
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2011 Finest: 210
2010 Topps KO: 39
2012 Topps KO: 230
2013 Topps KO: 9
2014 Topps KO: 4
I will also add in any 2009 Topps, 2010 Topps, and 2010 Topps ME golds that can fit in thee boxes. If interested, please let me know. If you only want a medium box, I will basically take half of the above and shove them in.