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Thread: tom brady rookie autographed

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    since you have a picture it migt be worth more. maybe 25 ( i think that rookie books 20) but if it were a certified auto it would have book alot more. however you can now get them certified at psa i think. that would bring value up.

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    ye i actually went to the traning camp.
    how much 4 the rodgers

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    That's sweet, I got his autograph a few years ago at training camp also. In the picture it doesn't look that busy though, how was it? When I went this year there were tons of people, I got like 5-6 autographs

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    ye it was really crouded me and my brother were extremely luky to get both that card and our football both signed by tom brady. It was hard to get his sig. he only gave it to like 20 people.

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    you may need a third party to have it certified by PSA, which to me is a scary thing to entrust a third person to send your card to PSA. I think PSA only deals with certain members who are basically card store owners/dealers. I`ve heard horror stories about cards being switched by dealers when they are asked to send them in to PSA.

    Stiener is another company you can look into certification for that card. A bit more reliable and they are one of the biggest names in the business. Not sure how you`d go about getting it done though. Since you have a computer, you can always do the researching yourself.

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