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    Can i get an Idea of BV for this card

    2004 Sage Q&A Autographs Tatum Bell #4/100 Graded by BGS 9.5 (9 for autograph)

    i know its like $30 or $50 raw but can someone tell me its graded price or a guess from a fellow smart graded card person

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    well the regular card is valued at $50.00

    2004 SAGE HIT Q&A Autographs QA27 Tatum Bell NM-MT Own 1 $50.00 $25.00 $50.00

    It`s really just a guess for a Gem Mint card. Probably around the $100-$125 mark. It all depends on what someone would be willing to give you basically. Just because the card has a BV on it doesn`t always mean that is what someone will pay you. I checked the beckett magazine and nothing listed for it. Sorry. I tried.

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    yeah i know i was just wanting a BV because when people trade they go off of that

    selling they usually pay 1/4-1/8 of BV

    thanks for what help you tried

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