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    Voting: Show & Tell Contest 8.0 - FINAL WEEK!

    Week 29s Show & Tell winners were johnse27 and 09232003.. who both will receive 2 points in the standings and 1 point towards our Quest for The Cup contest. 2nd place goes to thehip66.. who will receive 1 point in the standings.

    No big story with this card.

    Just posting - and looking for votes - as I have an outside shot of winning the Quest for the Cup.

    Hopefully you folks can vote for my card!

    Here's one of my favourite cards that I pulled this year from this year's products.

    ================================================== ======

    My entry for the Final week~
    My first Teemu Selanne Autograph card~
    I got this from a trade in the usenet newsgroup
    I wanted the Selanne so much, I gave up 4 Autograph from the same set (97 Pinnacle BAP) including a Patrick Roy (which I pulled it myself) to get it.
    Fair or unfair, you be the judge.
    I got what I really want and like~~(not that I don't like a Patrick Roy auto....just want a Selanne more)
    BTW, to this date...I still don't have the luck to pull another Patrick Roy Auto

    Thank you everybody for all the fun the past 30 weeks~~~

    ================================================== ======

    Here is my story on how I acquired the two biggest wants I thought I'd never own. The card I am submitting for the contest is the Crosby but I'd thought I'd show both for effect.

    The first season I ever followed hockey was the 2005-06 NHL campaign at the age of 11. Had started playing hockey a little earlier and was a huge fan ,but since there was a lockout, I was unable to follow it until then. I had also begun collecting cards at this time as well, I had been donated a small collection of mainly commons from 1990-2000 in rough shape but I absolutely loved them nonetheless. During the 05-06 season, I can distinctly remember waking up every morning before school and watching every game's highlight video before school. I wasn't allowed to stay up for full games as they were on too late for me haha. This is basically how I came to love two players and one team in particular, Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin and the Toronto Maple Leafs. All the highlight reel goals and plays made me a huge fan.

    Being only 11 at the time and not having much disposable income for cards, I resorted to trading with friends on my street. They had been buying mainly MacDonald's cards and some UD series 1 from a nearby convenience store. My ultimate goal was to own both Ovechkin and Crosby rookies cards, sadly my friends never pulled them. To me, I thought all of the 05-06 upper deck cards were beautifully designed, especially the jersey cards and rookies. Later on, I came to find out that there were parallels called High Glossy cards which were only numbered to 10. I had never seen one and that's all I really wanted at the time, was to see one pulled. I used to watch intently as my friends opened their packs and check each card to see if they were stamped. Then as I grew up and went through high school, collecting sort of slowed down and other things took priority. It wasn't until my first year of University when I really got back into collecting. I had discovered Ebay and a whole bunch of hockey card forums to find the cards I had always wanted. About 2 years ago I made a decision to begin collecting almost everything from 2005-06, in particular UD series 1 and 2. This included the Patches /15 that I had never seen before and also the UD high glossy cards /10. My new absolute most biggest wants were both the Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin HG rookies. I had never ever seen even a picture of these cards but that didn't stop me from posting "wanted" ads everywhere I could. One day I got a message from a user on one of the sites who said he had a lead on not one but both cards I was looking for. I quickly got in contact and eventually was messaging the man who had the cards. I asked for pictures/scans of the cards and waited with anticipation and excitement for his reply. It took over a week for him to reply but eventually the pictures showed up and I could not believe my eyes. There were the two most rare and sought after Ovechkin-Crosby cards both graded BGS 9. When it came to price I was very nervous since I wasn't rich by any means and also still a student in University. But I was more than prepared to sell basically everything I owned to fund these purchases. We came to a price that we both agreed on and I quickly sold a good chunk of my collection for both the cards. Then one day the cards arrived in the mail and I opened up the package to reveal these two cards:

    Sidney Crosby #201 HG Glossy Rookie (1/10) BGS MINT 9
    Alexander Ovechkin # 443 HG Glossy Rookie (3/10) BGS MINT 9

    I couldn't believe I actually own these two cards, and I still can't. This is when I decided I would seriously attempt to collect the entire print run, from 1-487. So if you have any 2005-06 High Gloss cards /10 feel free to let me know I probably need them. The main focus of my collection now encompasses most rare cards from 2005-06 such as shields, rare parallels and memorabilia cards so feel free to let me know about anything that's out there. I'd love to see pictures and discuss future deals. Thanks for the read and have a great day everyone :)

    ================================================== ===

    here is my entry for week 30

    acouple of year back I was able to help a new trader with some box purchases from Sweden, he had me buy them and open and send the hits and all his needs to him. He paid for the half case and trhe shipping, since the seller would not sell to him.

    So about 3 months later I get an email from this guys and says he was very thankful and sent me a nice care package to say thanks once again for all my help. He know I was a Pittsburgh Pengains fan so he said it was a nice package of cards I was going to like

    so the cards arrive, about 6 card and they were nice inserts, gu and low end rookies that I could use. But the best was the card in the middle, could not believe what he sent.

    This was just why I love the hobby and love to help out, sometimes the payback can be great.

    ================================================== =======

    One of my favorite sets to collect most years is the SPx set when it comes out.
    In 2008-09 just as the financial crisis was occurring I decided to try to complete my last set of SPx! I was able to complete the 250 card set except for two. Card number 216 was never made and card number 248 Flashback Fabrics Henrik Zetterberg Auto Jersey! I watched for this card forever! I posted on here as well as a couple other boards asking anyone who had one or had seen one for help in any way! After 6 years I had almost given up any hope of ever getting this card. Maybe it was just never made, although I had seen a patch version, I was pretty much sure my set would never be completed.

    Then one day out of the blue I received a package in the mail! Inside was this:

    Along with this card:

    My white whale had arrived and had been sent to me by Upper Deck in their Random Acts of Kindness program. I was dumbfounded by this act! I had never heard of the program before and didn't know that Upper Deck was creeping the boards to try and help us collectors! In the end they made a lifetime customer of me for sure(not that my collecting sickness wouldn't have continued anyway! I really have a better appreciation for Upper Deck because of this!

    Oh yeah and here is the completed Flashback Fabrics set if anyone is interested in seeing it.

    Thanks again for an fun contest!

    ================================================== ==

    Back in 2010-11, ITG put out their annual Between The Pipes product. On the eve of its release, Brian Price put out a message on the boards announcing a rather serious error. The Masked Men III emerald cards, which were supposed to be marked /340, were all marked on the backs of the cards as 1/1's. ooops. Major error. In relatively short order, ITG announced a redemption program for collectors that would help get some of those cards off the market and also reward people who could collect 17 copies (5%) of the cards out there with a special limited edition memorabilia card #'d to 10. As a Carey Price fan and collector, and someone with a go-get-'em spirit, I had a feeling that this would be a worthwhile and fun chase. So the program was announced in May, and the chase was on! Six months later I had completed my objective, sent in my cards, and then the waiting game began. It was a cold night in December when I went to the post office to pick up a package that needed my signature, I couldn't even wait to get home. Ripped it open, saw the back of the card first #2/10. Nice. Turned it off and my eyes popped out of my head. I think we (not the royal we, but collectors generally) had been expecting to get a cool looking "jersey" card. Suffice to say, this exceeded expectations.

    Yeah, that's a pretty monstrous patch for a Habs card. When I posted that card in Show & Tell, it attracted a lot of attention. And the ripple effect throughout the hobby was big-time. The "1/1" cards for him had been going for 5-10 bucks throughout the summer & autumn; after that card was posted, they were jumping to north of $20US. I came across a posting in February where one topped $30...and just to give you a chuckle:

    A Price sold last night for over $30. On a good day you can get a Cup auto for that price.

    Boy I wish I could still get Carey Price Cup autos for $30. LOL
    @MattDMC was hunting Bobrovsky and he reported a couple going for $30 near the end.

    After the program ended, Dr. Price was good enough to announce how many of each card had been redeemed. There were 5 Price cards. I think I've only ever seen one other copy of it, someone on the Beckett Marketplace had one. So it's a pretty big piece in my collection and one of a handful of cards that I would probably not willingly ever let go of from the PC.

    ================================================== ========

    Awesome cards everyone.

    Here's my entry for the week:

    Have any collectors had to work for any IP autos before? I know I have. Back in 2011, I had the pleasure of being coached by former professional goaltender Mike Mole. Nearing the end of one of the training sessions, I had told him that I had found out that he had a few Upper Deck Rookie cards out there. He then began telling me the story of how he first found out about his very own rookies (UD didn't tell him, he just found out by accident from some friends) and how he thought it was great to be featured on some NHL hockey cards. Awesome.

    But then he raised the stakes. He told me that if I were to stop all 5 of his next shots during our close quarters rapid fire drills (keep in mind, it was near the end of an intense training session), that he'd sign a card for me. The pressure was on.

    After stopping 4 of 4 shots with 1 shot to go, I got a little lucky with Mike's 5th and final shot hitting the top of my shaft to go wide. I had successfully "won" my very own autograph from Mr. Mole. After packing up our gear for the day, he agreed to sign one of his rookie cards and inscribe it for me. A pretty awesome moment I'll never forget.

    Enjoy :)

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    Some very cool cards with great stories behind them. Great job, guys!

    A huge thank you to @aweeks for running this contest year after year. You do an awesome job and it is greatly appreciated.

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    great contest , shout out to aweeks for running a great contest.

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    Great job @aweeks on these contests every week!

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    Thanks for everything you do aweeks. Always great to see others treasures!

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