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    Question Trilogy or Ultimate or Bowman Elevation Box. WHICH ONE???


    Trilogy for like 150

    Elevation for like 140

    ultimate for ??


    something not listed

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    Go with Elevation. It comes with... like 5 relic cards and 2 auto's. Looks like its going to be a great box.

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    Yeh go with elevation, and because its Topps not Upper Deck less chance of getting a dud box too!

    even the base cards look awesome too!!

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    Yes but elevation = sticker auto But I think ill still go with.

    When is release date of this stuff?

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    Elevation was supposed to be out already, been pushed back a bit, probably 2-3 more weeks as far as I know, maybe someone knows different.
    As for which box to pick, Trilogy is ok, but you will be able to get it cheaper soon, Ultimate is and always be a bust, just something to get you excited for Exquisite, and unless you get a big hit, can never get the money back out. Elevation is new, but I think it will be pretty good so I would pick that also.

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