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    lot of vintage for trade over 600.00 bv

    68 topps game card insert pete rose #30
    72 topps 447 willie stargell
    75 topps mini #73,414,423,515,644
    74 topps #239,395,614
    74 topps traded
    #51,59,63,123,139,151,165,175,182,186,269,319,348, 373,390,454,485,496,534,538,544,579
    x2,616,618,648,649,the checklist
    55 bow #98,100,105,110,112,115
    76 topps # 21,154,294,334,371,408,416,433,443,508,618
    77 topps #62,85 x2,270,296 x3,306 x2,385,393,420,449 x2,460,501 x3,590
    79 topps#159,422 x2
    78 topps #12,74,82,117,184,187,188,317,464,485,548
    75 topps
    #6,11,19,24,27,32,35,39,43,45,48,53,56,57,60,64,65 ,69,73,76x2,81,82,83,84,85,88,91,93,98,99,102,103, 105,107,110,111,113,119,120,124,125,127,129,137,13 9,143,148x2,149,154,156,159x2,161,163,166,167,169, 170x2,176,179,181,182,187,189,1903,191,193,195,197 ,198,199,200,201,205,206,208,209,211,212,2172,220, 224,232,250,251,253,254,255,256,259,264,266,2672,2 68,271,277,2782,279,284,285,287,288,296,298,303,30 4,305,309,310,316,317,318x5,319x3,323x3,324x4,327x 2,330,332,333x2,334x3,336,337,341x4,343,348x2,350, 351,352,353x2,354x2,355,356,357,358x2,359,360x2,36 1,364,365x2,366,367x2,368x2,370,371x2,372,373x3,37 5x3,378,379x2,384,385,391,395x2,396,399,400,401x2, 404x2,408,409x3,411x3,412,413x3,415,416x2,417,418x 2,420,422,422x2,425,426,427x4,428,429,430,431x3,43 2x3,434x2,435,436,438,440,441,444x2,445x2,446,448, 449,451x2,453x2,454,455x2,456,457,458,464x2,465,46 7x2,468x3,469x3,470,471x3,472x2,473x2,474x2,475x3, 476x4,478,479,480,481,482x4,483,484,485,486,489x2, 491,492,4932,494,4954,4963,498,4992,5013,504,5062, 508,509,510,512,513,514x2,525x2,526,527,5282,5342, 5353,536,537,5422,5433,544,545,547,548,550,551,553 2,555,5562,558,564,567,570,572,573,574,571,582,583 ,584,587,588x2,589,590,594,597,598,601x2,603x2,604 x3,605,606x3,608,610x4,612,614x2,615,621x2,6242,62 6,627,629,632x3,633x3,634,635x2,636x4,637x2,639x4, 641,642x3,643x3,644,645x2,646,648x2,649x2,650x2,65 1x2,652x4,653x3,654,655,656,657x3,658

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    have to trade as a lot? and if not, what Indians you got?

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    would like to get rid of them all so i can either build my trade list back up so sell them or trade them for cards off my need list are you only interrested in the indians? i will check

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    i'd like indians and maybe some red sawx... before you look, so you don't have to look through it all and find nothing you like, what are you looking for....?

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