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Thread: Guys, I need your help!!!

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    Guys, I need your help!!!

    Ok guys, heres whats happening. I had a transaction on July 31st, with a card I sold on Ebay for $44 Dlvd.

    So last week, I go into paypal and it says a dispute it open, so Im like, ™™™?!?! This Scumbag did this:

    Buyer escalated this dispute to a Claim.

    From buyer: Nicholas Shin on 8/18/2006 23:30 PDT

    I have run out of patience and do not want to wait any longer. i have given the seller numerous chances to respond.

    From buyer: Nicholas Shin on 8/18/2006 23:28 PDT

    I have no record showing that i received this item. i sent multiple e-mails/messages with no response. i would like a refund as i have not received any updates from the seller after numerous attempts. I will gladly cancel this dispute if it was sent, but i am no longer willing to wait.

    Now, first, how would you have "No Record I recieved this item"? Second, Never ONCE did he send me a message to notify me he never recieded, or ask for a refund. Now, 2 minutes later, he escalates to a claim? This scum is ridiculous.

    So I contact paypal, I have the receipt from shipping at the post, but thats not good enough info they say? How the heck is it not? It shows I shipped to his home, time, and everything? Now, Im stuck here. Paypal is gonna try and refund this scum for something I SENT, and I have the receipt!

    What can I do? Can I take out all of my paypal money so they cant take anything? This isnt Fair!!!

    Please help.

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    even if you take stuff out there will be a negative balance and you wont be able to use it withthe neg balance

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    Anyway to get around it? I dont care if theres a negative balance, I wont ever used it again. Its absolutely ridiculous there letting this scumbag do this to me, when the receipt should be proof enough.

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    You'll find a million stories just like yours. I had a guy do this to me once before on a $150 Yaz PSA 7 RC. I insured it, but didn't put DC. Paypal refunded his money to him and I got screwed. As it turns out, the PO could show that it was in fact signed for but that didn't work for paypal either because it couldn't be verified online. I also couldn't file the insurance claim because the PO could prove it was signed for AND the buyer, not surprisingly, wouldn't sign the affidavit saying it was never received. So I got poked from both sides on that deal.

    ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS send with DC unless it's an amount you don't mind refunding. The extra .55 cents is worth the piece of mind. Not to mention, the fact it stops most paypal scammers because they know they have no case. Also, don't forget to use Signature Confirmation on any purchase over $250 or they won't cover you either.

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    did you send it with delivery confirmation? Man it has happened to me several times. I always send with dc so when they escalate a claim I put in that number and the claim is closed, well at least I never here from them again. I would reccommend sending with dc especially if its a sale. Also on time an over seas buyer filed a claimed like 30-45 days later maybe because he wanted to wait for me to forget and before dispute period ended. Man I'm glad I kept everything (up to a year!) and since international shipping didnt have dc I just plugged in the number from my reciept and it worked. Hope that helps and sorry for the long rant. I know how you feel man.

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    Ya, No Dc on it sadly. Is there any way to get around this? There not taking my money, this is ridiculous.

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    Have you tried punching in numbers from reciept? i did this once for an international sale but i believe you might have to add numbers to it. dc has 22 #'s hope that helps. man i feel you though. like envo mentioned thats one thing i hate paypal, besides all the ridiculas fees!

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    Unfortunately, you are screwed. I fought with them for a's futile. Chalk it up to one of life's more ridiculous lessons.

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    I gave them the receipt numbers, but its "Not enough" they say. Im going to the post office tomorow, where my friends dad is one of the managerial people now (He just got promoted), so Im gonna see if he can help me somehow.

    People like him are just worthless scum, and IK he recieved, I just have a huge feeling he did.

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    True, but man I'm sure it was hard to swallow.

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