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    Allen & Ginter Minis and Dick Perez fs/ft

    I will trade the whole lot of minis for a gu or auto I like. The Perez cards, maybe a few of them for a gu. All of them for a real nice one. Or if you have Cano bases I will trade these for those. Or if you make a nice cash offer I may accept. Thanks for looking!

    Ok, here they are:


    Albert Pujols-TRADED!
    Felipe Alou-TRADED!
    Bronson Arroyo-TRADED!
    Rod Barajas Black border
    Luis Gonzalez
    Brad Penny
    Dan Johnson Black Border
    Garrett Atkins
    Hong-Chih Kuo rc
    Aramis Ramirez Black border
    Adam Everett
    Torri Hunter
    Mark Prior
    Alfonso Soriano
    Ernie Banks
    Mike Sweeney
    Johan Santana
    Andy Irons

    Dick Perez:

    Vernon Wells
    Andruw Jones
    Miguel Tejada
    Paul Konerko
    Vladimir Guerrero-TRADED!
    Mark Teixeira
    Barry Bonds
    Alfonso Soriano
    David Ortiz

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    New Minis added- Albert Pujols, Dan Johnson Black Border, Bronson Arroyo, Andy Irons

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    need the pujols minis,Aramis Ramirez Black border,Mark Prior minis, and the ortiz dick perez

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    i need the vlad dick perez.what would you need in return?

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    hey grandsalami..interested in the pujols minis.. I could trade you a few a&g minis for him.. if you also are collecting minis besied trading them. I am a huge pujols collector and this could help me out! Wait! If you send me the pujols mini I can send you that cano with your melky lmk!!!!

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