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    RC, Auto, GU, etc for trade for Packers

    Looking for any and all Packers cards. Make me an offer. I'd rather have any Packers then these cards.

    Please email me at


    TAYLOR, FRED---1999 Playoff Momentum---Team Threads Checklist #12---2 teal jerseys
    MOULDS, ERIC---2002 Absolute Mem.---Leather and Lace

    BAILEY, CHAMP---2000 Topps Finest---Finest Moments Auto #23---Auto in blue ink
    BATCH, CHARLIE---1999 SP Authentic---Playerís Inc. #CH-A---Blue auto (91 of 100)
    COBOURNE, AVON---2003 Topps DP and P---Class Marks #CM-AC---Blue auto (88 of 100)
    ISMAIL, QADRY---2000 Topps Finest---Finest Moments Auto #24---Auto in blue ink

    Seau, Junior---1990 Score---302
    Bettis, Jerome---1993 Topps---166

    Branch, Deion---2002 Bowman---263
    Brightful, Lamont---2002 Bowman---181
    Burns, Joe---2002 Bowman 228---
    Carter, Tim---2002 Bowman 158
    Cartwright, Rock---2002 Bowman Chrome---188
    Denney, Ryan---2002 Bowman Chrome---171
    Denney, Ryan---2002 SP Authentic---#177---1042 of 1150
    Garrard, David---2002 Bowmanís Best---95---68 of 99 (football with NAT AM, gold patch, teal jersey)
    Haygood, Herb---2002 Finest---95
    Haygood, Herb---2002 Bowman---121
    Hutchinson, Chad---2002 Bowman---165
    Johnson, Ron---2002 Bowman---153
    Portis, Clinton---2002 Adrenaline---89
    McAddley, Jason---2002 Bowmanís Best---138---Auto
    McAddley, Jason---2002 Adrenaline---5
    McCown, Josh---2002 Prime Signatures---103---Beckett Sample Card
    Milons, Freddie---2002 Absolute Mem. ---177---0654 of 1500
    Poli-Dixon, Brian---2002 Absolute Mem. ---179---0612 of 1500
    Scobey, Josh---2002 Bowmanís Best---143---Auto
    Westbrook, Brian---2002 Bowman Chrome---223---Auto/Refractor
    Wire, Coy---2002 Bowman Chrome---202

    Hamner, Thomas---2000 Leaf Certified---179---1373 of 2000
    Jackson, Jarious---2000 Finest---163---1019 of 2400
    Smith, Paul---2000 Leaf Certified---182---1310 of 2000
    Taylor, Travis---2000 Ovation---83---1447 of 2500

    BAILEY, CHAMP---1999 Skybox Premium---214
    BAILEY, KARSTEN---1999 Upper Deck---265
    Booker, Marty---1999 SP Authentic---141---0379 of 1999
    Boston, David---1999 Fleer Ultra---267
    Bryson, Shawn---1999 Leaf Certified---181
    Claiborne, Chris---1999 SP Authentic---101---127 of 250 (Excitement Silver Parallel)
    Couch, Tim---1999 Finest---164
    Couch, Tim---1999 Upper Deck---232
    Edwards, Troy---1999 Flair Showcase---171---1346 of 1999
    Edwards, Troy---1999 Coll Edge Masters------147---0095 of 2000
    Gramatica, Martin---1999 Coll Edge Master---185---0125 of 2000
    Holt, Torry---1999 Leaf Certified---222
    Johnson, Kevin---1999 SP Authentic---108---1924 of 1999
    Johnson, Kevin---1999 Fleer Focus---121---2065 of 3850
    Kearse, Jevon---1999 Fleer Focus---107
    Price, Peerless---1999 Coll Edge Masters---22---HoloSilver 1621 of 3500
    Price, Peerless---1999 Fleer Mystique---126---1789 of 2999

    Brunell, Mark---2000 Donruss Elite---Down and Distance 7D3---0597 of 0878
    Green, Trent---1999 Leaf Certified---Mirror Gold---42 of 45
    Hicks, Skip---1999 Leaf Certified---Fabric of the Game #75---0036 of 1000
    Holmes, Priest---1999 Fleer Focus---91---092 of 300
    Holt, Torry---1999 Leaf Certified---Fabric of the Game #49---0168 of 1000
    James, Edgerrin---1999 Leaf Certified---Gold Future #4
    James, Edgerrin---1999 Leaf Certified---Fabric of the Game #72---0649 of 1000
    Jones, Thomas---2000 Donruss Elite---Turn of the Century #32---0145 of 1000
    Manning, Peyton---1999 Fleer Mystique---NFL 2000 #1---827 of 999
    Moulds, Eric---2000 Leaf Certified---Fabric of the Game #39---275 of 750
    Smith, Antowain---2000 Finest---76---Gold Refractor 270 of 300
    Young, Steve & Faulk---1999 Coll Edge Masters---ME 10 0412 of 1000

  2. Kronozio
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    i have 2002 ud piece of history card #131 javon walker s/n 1715/2002
    and a 2002 donruss noa autograph stamped card form donruss private sighnings
    he did not sign his cards.

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    no autograph card is 30.00 and ud is 15.00
    do u have paypal?
    iwill sell both for 25.00

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    No thanks LSU. Looking to trade right now.

    Is anyone interested in these cards? I'm willing to let them go cheap.

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    COBOURNE, AVON---2003 Topps DP and P---Class Marks #CM-AC---Blue auto (88 of
    Manning, Peyton---1999 Fleer Mystique---NFL 2000 #1---827 of 999

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    I have a lot of packer commons and many favre cards, also have Favre SLUs

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    Bishop -
    You had an interested in this card on another thread...

    2003 Topps Own The Game Brett Favre

    Looking for:

    Will trade for Sam Aiken or cards on my wantlist

    Will trade for 200cc...

    Will sell for $3 shipped...

    BV $8
    Hidden Content , Working on Hidden Content For Charity

    Hidden Content - 120/140 (85.7%), Hidden Content - 107/271 (39.5%)


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