Finally received my cards that I had stored in my COMC Mailbox. Delivery was super quick although processing times are long.

All of the following are pc.

Corey Maggette cheapies

Some cool additions to the Anderson PC including my first ever booklet

Hezonja rainbow additions. They're coming along nicely.

Next is some autos for the Orlando Magic PC. Guaranteed many of you guys haven't heard of players like Lee Nailon or Don Reid but I'm super happy to add them to the PC. Also, I FINALLY own a Redick Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Auto! I'll have to post a thread with my ongoing Magic project as well as the players I'm still looking for.

Next up are some pickups of a player who doesn't sell as well as I thought he would. The irony now that he's the second highest paid player in the NBA going into next season! Here are some Mike Conley stuff:

Next up is a card of a player who I have a small pc of but have heavily neglected adding to it. Seen this pop up a couple of times but always missed out. Nothing big but just another card I've always wanted.

Now to the main guy. His cards have dried up massively over the last couple of months. Since my last mailday, he's also left my beloved Orlando Magic and signed with the Washington Wizards. I really hope he gets an opportunity there because the guy deserves it! I haven't made an official count, but I'm sure I'm close to over 200 different Andrew Nicholson cards now. Here are the most recent ones, keep your eye out for a sneaky 1/1.

With those two Spectra patch autos, I was able to complete the rainbow!

A few more to finish, I've been looking for these last 3 cards for a while. Not only have I finally grabbed one of each, I managed to get them at really decent prices too!

KG 2003-04 Ultimate Collection Signatures

Timmy D 1997-98 Topps Chrome RC BGS 9 (only a bit of hulking, hopefully it doesn't grow)

MJ 1993-94 Ultra Scoring Kings

Thanks very much for looking through this post, sorry if there's too many pics or they're too big!