Had my best day ever in terms of pure number of autographs, 87 cards signed. Worth waiting through the 1 1/2 hour rain delay and 3 hour game.
Focused on the Stone Crabs before the game since I had never really gotten them before. Every single player that I asked stopped and Nick Ciuffo, the Stone Crabs catcher, is one of the nicest guys out there.

I then ran over to the Marauders side right before the game and got Cole Tucker, probably the nicest baseball player I've ever met. He is always very friendly and thanked me for coming back to see them (I had been there a few weeks ago). He signed 2 pages for me last time and I had another 2 pages this time, but only asked him to sign one page. Also got Luis Heredia who is a great signer as well. I did ask him to sign what I had which was 13 cards.

After the game I got Justin Maffei and Taylor Gushue, and also got a picture with Cole Tucker. The players all left the field at the same time, so it was not possible to get more than a few guys, plus it was after 11pm and a 9-6 Stone Crabs win.

Stone Crabs - 56 cards
Andrew Velazquez 8/8
Riley Unroe 8/8
Jonah Heim 8/8
Nick Ciuffo 8/8
Joe McCarthy 8/8
Jake Cronenworth 8/8
Thomas Milone 4/8
Benton Moss 4/4 (before the game, and he was the starting pitcher)

Marauders - 31 cards
Cole Tucker 8/8
Luis Heredia 13/13
Taylor Gushue 2/2
Justin Maffei 8/8