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    Dwayne Wade Ultra Lucky 13 RC Gold Medallion

    I don't collect basketball except LeBron James rcs. I have this Dwayne Wade Ultra Lucky 13 Gold Medallion RC for trade. I am looking for Edgerrin James cards I need or will consider some other football guys to use as tradebait. LMK if you are interested in it and what LeBron James RCs you have or football. Thanks a lot.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    check my tradepage for Lebron james....
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    I already have all of those LeBrons, I am looking for Bowman, Topps(one more for a friend) and Pristine RCs still. Thanks though.

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    I didn't see any LeBron James RCs listed. Did I miss them? LMK and thanks.

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    Yeah you did..there's a ton in the tradeable PC and graded section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by advan24r
    Yeah you did..there's a ton in the tradeable PC and graded section.
    I found them, but they are all over what the Wade books for. I am only interested in them if they are 9 or better and the ones you have book for more than the Wade. Sorry.

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    That's ok..let me know which ones you like. Do you have other cards. If its over by a little..I may possibly trade in your favor.

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    The graded Bowman or Topps RCs. LMK and thanks.

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    jjj: I can only trade the bgs 9 topps lebron if you're interested. Do you have anything really to make up for the 10 dollar difference in bv?

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