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    Large NonSport wantlist (Updated 11/12/2016)

    2013 Historic Autograph Celebrity Edition autos
    Sammy Davis
    Johnny Carson
    Jack Benny
    Benny Hill

    1991 Starline Hollywood cards
    Burt Reynolds
    Martin Sheen
    Dudley Moore
    James Caan
    Ernest Borgnine
    Red Skelton
    Robert Stack
    Bob Hope
    Connie Stevens
    George Burns
    Doris Day
    Loretta Swit
    Dinah Shore
    Betty White
    Shirley Jones
    Cybill Shepherd


    1991 proset desert storm Need all except 1,3,13,16,17,20,27,30,32,35,38,41,42,51,59,71,74, 76,77,79,82-85,94,96, 99,101,102,106,107,108,112,119,122,123,125,126,128 ,129,130,131,133,135,144,149,151,155,156,158,162,1 64,166,167,173-176,180,185,186, 188,190,193,195,196,197,200,201,203,206,213,215,21 6-217,219,222,225,229,232,233,234,236,237,238,240,24 3-244,247,248

    stickers have 8th field art,48th infantry,us flag,uk flag,egypt flag,france flag,saudi arabia flag,un flag

    1991 Topps Desert Storm: Need all except 1-100,103,107-111,113-114,116-118,120-124,127-128,131 132 133 135 140 141 147-149 150-152 154 158 159 160 163-165 168 170 173-176

    08 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts MYSTERY CUTS REDEMPTION
    Benny Hill-MCS-38 Benny Hill

    1982 E.T. Stickers
    Need all except 2,4,5,6,7,10,11,13,14,20,21,24,25,26,27,28,31,37,4 4,51,53,55,57,64,65,69,70,72,76-79,80,81,84,90,91,118

    1992 I Love Lucy (Pink Border)

    Big Bang Theory

    Need all from season 1+2 EXCEPT 1,2,4,5,6,11,14,16,17,21,24,27,30-33,35-37,39,42-43,48-47,52-53,56-57,61,65
    Need all base cards for Season 3+4

    Need all except:
    Big Bang Theory Season 5
    20, 21, 22, 25, 32, 40, 41, 47, 48, 49, 51, 52, 53, 55, 58, 64

    Looking for some GUed and autos as well from Big Bang Theory


    Presidential and celebrity cards I don't already have.


    2016 Decision cards

    111 Michael Bloomberg Candidates
    112 Gary Johnson Candidates
    113 Wayne LaPierre Influencers
    114 Bill De Blasio Influencers
    115 George W. Bush Influencers
    116 Rev. Al Sharpton Influencers
    117 Tulsi Gabbard Influencers
    118 Fox News Google Republican Debate 1/28/16 The Debates
    120 PBS Democratic Debate 2/11/2016 The Debates
    121 CBS Republican Debate 2/13/16 The Debates
    122 CNN Republican Debate 2/25/16 The Debates
    123 Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump Campaign Moments
    124 Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood Endorses Hillary Campaign Moments
    125 Ted Cruz endorsed by Rick Perry Campaign Moments
    126 Jeb Bush endorsed by Lindsey Graham Campaign Moments
    127 Bushs come out for Jeb Campaign Moments
    128 Chris Christie endorses Trump Campaign Moments
    129 Ted Cruz Wins Iowa Campaign Moments
    130 Hillary wins Iowa by a coin flip Campaign Moments
    131 Trump Huge in New Hampshire Campaign Moments
    132 New Hampshire feels The Bern! Campaign Moments
    134 Hillary clobbers Bernie in South Carolina Campaign Moments
    135 Trump Wins big in Nevada Campaign Moments

    First Lady Portraits (Retail Versions only)
    1 Barbara Bush
    2 Michelle Obama
    3 Hillary Clinton
    4 Laura Bush
    5 Nancy Reagan
    6 Jacqueline Kennedy

    Candidate Portraits
    CP7 Donald Trump
    CP8 George W. Bush
    CP17 Ronald Reagan
    CP19 George H. W. Bush (SP)

    Trump Under Fire

    TUF1 Trump vs. Mexican Immigration
    TUF2 Trump says McCain not a war hero
    TUF3 Trump vs. Megyn Kelly
    TUF4 Trump ejects Univision Reporter
    TUF5 Trump mocks Carly's face
    TUF6 Trump vs. CNBC debate moderators
    TUF7 Trump claims Muslims celebrated 9/11 in NJ
    TUF8 Trump "Mocks" disabled reporter
    TUF10 Trump Pledges to Republican Party
    TUF11 Says Hillary Clinton "Got Schlonged"
    TUF12 Trump calls for database of Muslims
    TUF13 Cruz battles Trump over citizenship issue
    TUF14 Parliament debates Trump ban from UK
    TUF16 Trump vs. National Review
    TUF17 Trump says he could shoot and not lose voters
    TUF18 Trump Faces off against Fox News Debate
    TUF19 Trump critical of G.W.Bush & Iraq War
    TUF20 Trump calls for Apple Boycott
    TUF21 Pope critical of Trump's stance on immigration
    TUF22 Mexican President says he will not pay for wall
    TUF23 Trump waffles on David Duke endorsement
    TUF24 Mitt Romney Blasts Trump

    Authentic Cut Signature Cards

    CS2 Donald Trump
    CS3 George W. Bush (SP)

    God Bless America Flags (Mini Flag Patch)

    GBA7 Donald Trump
    GBA15 Ronald Reagan
    GBA18 Donald Trump (SP)

    Road to The White House - Letters

    RWH5 Donald Trump

    Elite Premium Set

    E2. Bush Dynasty
    E3. Trump & Palin
    E4. The Clintons
    E5. The White House
    E6. George Washington
    E7. Nancy Reagan (SP)

    Super Flags (Jumbo Flag Patch)
    SF7 Donald Trump
    SF15 Ronald Reagan
    SF18 Donald Trump

    Political Gems
    PG7 Donald Trump
    PG8 George W. Bush
    PG17 Ronald Reagan
    PG24 Donald J. Trump (SP)

    Pieces of America Coin & Stamp Cards
    PA1 Hillary Clinton (IL) Rare Version = NY Quarter
    PA2 Donald Trump (NY) Rare Version = FLA Quarter
    PA8 Bill Clinton (AR)
    PA9 George W. Bush (TX)
    PA18 Ronald Reagan (CA)

    Money Card

    MO7 Donald Trump
    MO8 George W. Bush
    MO9 Hillary Clinton
    MO17 Ronald Reagan



    I'm primarily looking for Card Savers, but also can use toploaders and penny sleeves.

    Thanks for any help!

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