Picked up two final boxes from my local comic shop today. Satisfied with the breaks. The 5 total boxes of ToTC weren't anywhere near as good as my single box of Knockout, but ...

TOC-7 Daniel Cormier
TOC-15 Dominick Cruz
TOC-22 Caudia Gadelha
TOC-25 Georges St. Pierre

TCA-RL Robbie Lawler (Ruthless)
TCA-RP Raquel Pennington

TCAR-MT Meisha Tate (Red Swatch)
TCAR-ZM Zach Makovsky (Red Swatch)
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TCR-DCO Daniel Cormier (Bright Blue Swatch, 149/199)
TCR-LR Luke Rockhold (Solid Black Swatch, 124/199)

So, I knew who 6 of the 10 fighters were, which is pretty good for me.