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Thread: We'd Like Some Feedback.

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    Hi! I believe it's a good idea! It would add better protection to the item! René.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Great idea, I have several 8x10s that I currently have in a binder and document protector because I can not find anything that fits properly. I would definitely be interested in purchasing these if they became available.


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    We've had a couple requests to produce Perfect Fit Sleeves for the 8 x 10 Top-Loaders for Photos. We personally believe it just might be a good fit for us. All Feedback would be greatly appreciated, let us know what you think, & any suggestions on other sizes etc.. Please share with your fellow Collectors.

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    Yes. Good idea!
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    PSA and BGS sleeves work great
    8 x 10 top loader sleeves work great

    any chance you will make 6 x 9 top loader sleeves? if you already do I was unable to find them on your site

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    I'd rather frame and hang 8"x 10" stuff imo.

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