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    2006 topps jeremy bloom autograph f/t f/s

    i was surprised that i pulled an auto out of these the odds are around 5thousand something packs but anyway title says it all looking for mainly baseball in return leave me your list or a price offer thanks...

  2. Kronozio
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    I don't have any baseball but I am interested if you'd be willing to check my football tradepage.

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    i didn't really see anything i need, did you get any 06 topps inserts?

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    i have some 06 topps fb i just opened. what are you looking for from that set?

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    i just added a scan in my bucket the link is on my site on the top of the page

    gretzky99 i am looking for 8306 all but the top 3 rookies leinhart bush and young also hm everyone but vick alexander and barber

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    that's it for 8306. i've got some 06 rc's if you want those.

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