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    05 Bowman Chrome box bust for trade

    I don't collect football at all, but since the season is coming up I figured I would buy a few cheap boxes and trade some of what I got. Anyhow here are the so so goodies from this box, if anyone needs anything inc. base, PM me since I probably won't check back for a bit.

    Auto- Damien Nash- rc Titans
    Red Refractors-
    Marion Barber III
    Tatum Bell
    Matt Hasselbeck
    Mark Bradley
    Blue Refractor- Marcus Maxwell 49ers rc 131/250
    Bronze Refractor- Tatum Bell again 124/150
    Silver Refractor- Dan Cody Ravens rc 31/50

    I'm not listing the base, but Vick, Brady, McNair, etc...

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    did you pull a Priest Holmes base card? I need one from Bowman Chrome 05, thx!

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    Sorry, didn't get one of him either. Man I stink at pulling cards huh?

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