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Thread: You have got to be kidding me!

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    You have got to be kidding me!

    So finally, after 2 months of waiting, I get my reimbursement (via Paypal) from eBay for an item I never received. I'm estatic, I thought it'd never come! So then I find something I like and win it, and go to pay for it with Paypal today. And what do I get? A spending limit of 0 dollars?! What a bunch of BS! It says I need a bank account or a credit card (which I don't have either of; and I'm 15, and my parents won't let me use theirs for this because they don't trust the internet or support my collecting hobby.). Why the heck is a bank account necessary? Now I'm not going to be able to buy anything with this money. What a load of BS.

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    Ouch that kills..maybe ask ur mom to let u use it for a transaction or at least get a credit card just to pull the money out then take it right off..i dont really know

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    Nah, she won't let me use anything. Because people are going to hack into one of the biggest websites on the internet and steal her credit card number.

    Maybe tomorrow a million dollars will fall from the sky too!

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    I'm not sure I understand, but I have the Paypal debit card...can you get that? Will that help?


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    Nah, my parents will not allow me to get that as I'm only 15. You need a bank account entered in to sign up for it anyways.

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    Don't you have to be 18 to buy on eBay?

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    If you can send the funds to one of your friends and have them pay for the item.

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    PC-My parents allow me to have an account.

    swimboy-You need a credit card or bank account to send any amount above 0.00 USD to anyone, anywhere, any place, any time.

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