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    Iiiiiiiiiii screwed myself up. And over. And out...............

    Hello you lovely people!!!

    As you find yourself busting open your 5 or 10 or 100 Tim Horton's packs this fine morning, I'm sitting here eating my $2 Cheese N Egger from A&W to go along with the coffee I brought from home. And later on today as you're breaking your UD Premier or trolling eBay for singles I'll be looking out for roadkill to cook up for dinner, mmmmmmmm that's good raccoon..........

    Why? Because I'm an idiot, that's why. I took my company quarterly bonus and spent it even before I had it and then my car blew up and then I stumbled across another 1/1 chance of a lifetime and now I'm broke. Was it worth it? YOU be the judge.....................

    To start, I hit the "send" button on 3 months worth of COMC purchases. 25+ cards, one astronomical shipping price, but I would have paid more buying them all individually amiright?

    Managed to finish off my MVP Rainbow :)

    Binder fillers, I love these insert sets..............

    Better binder fillers............

    One more Kesler, sorry.....

    A trip to OT cards resulted in these............

    Sorry again, shoulda warned you about the Keslers............................

    Oh hey, speaking of Kesler, I upgraded a patch card.............

    Annnnnnnd more Kesler. Yellow, the saddest of all the plates..................

    UD Champs Silver /25, the only one I've seen on eBay or anywhere else, did NOT come cheap :/

    Ok, moving on! This one completes my 2001/02 Fleer Legacy relics set, I'm very happy :)

    A couple from North-of-7 on the eBay............

    A couple of Fleer Greats autos...............

    A couple more 1999/00 Century Legends /100's.....

    You see how this all adding up right? How trying to collect EVERYTHING is a really bad idea? Wait, it gets worse! Time for 2004/05 SP Authentic!

    Little purchase from a guy on the Twitter, I love the look of these cards and after selling my McDavid I felt a little empty inside.............

    Which brings us to the top four!!!!! Yellow is the saddest of all the plates yessir, but when you're talking 1975/76 Topps you can't afford to be choosy. Plus it's yellow/BLACK!

    At #4, straight from the Topps Vault, the Honourable Kennnnnnn Drydennnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! ......................

    At #3, from the 2004/05 SP Authentic set, Martin Brodeur everyone!!!!!....................

    At #2, a card that popped up on HI after my car exploded, but WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO??????? Just when I thought I was done with 15/16 Artifacts Honourable Members they. Pulled. Me. Back. IN!!!

    Ok, last card. I had planned to take my quarterly bonus and put it towards a Cyclone Taylor relic card from this year's ITG Used. But then Topps released The Mint. A box of cards for a thousand dollars, how crazy is that????? Don't bother answering, it's very crazy. Anyways, in 99 of those boxes was a very special card. There were also 50 boxes with a differently numbered version and one very special box, but NVM, we're talking about the /99's OK?

    When I was 11 my daddy took me to go see Rocky II. It started with a recap of the original fight and end with the rematch and I was blown away, even with all of the boring stuff in the middle. Rocky was a GOD. Then came Rocky III & IV, which were awesome to my teenage self. Years later as an adult I realize that II was pretty schmaltzy and III & IV were absolute garbage. But that first one, the original Rocky, that was a masterpiece. The script, the performances, the bittersweet ending - all of that allowed Stallone to smash his way into Hollywood like the Kool-Aid Man with all of the same destruction and mess hahahahaaa.

    Anyways, I own this now.











    So that's it. Time to start saving up for Honourable Members Wave II
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    Awesome cards here, so much of everything! That signature at the end though is perfect. ROCKY!!
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    That's how winning is done!

    Great stuff, Ed.

    You are totally right about COMC and their newfangled ways of calculating their shipping. I had three cards in my last order that came via eBay to avoid the Global Shipping Scam, for which they hit you at $2 per card and then there's a 45 cents charge on them when you cash them out. Instead of the good old days when there was a flat $3 shipping rate, this time around I got hit for almost $9 for 13 cards...and they won't ship them until 9/30!!! Talk about a company that has grown too big, too fast. Maybe they'll be next in line for a government bailout since they're too big to fail now!
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    Love your post... totally feel you about spending bonuses as fast as they comes. Looking forward to more posts

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    Awesome Kesler pc, the #/50 patch looks awesome.
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    Gadzooks, you know it's going to be a good show when a Dryden from the Topps Vault is number four on your list! Love the swatch on the Kesler Limited Logos... oooooone day all those Honored Members 1/1's will be yours!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sedinfan View Post
    Scares me to think... just how many different ebay searches do you have to do to keep tabs on all your little projects? Or do you just scroll through the entire "Hockey Cards" section?

    04/05 SP Authentic

    Century Legends 100

    Ken Dryden

    If I see something then I hit "Seller's Other Items" and it just goes downhill from there :D

    New stuff! More Keslers hahahaaaa. I'm up to 1137/1579 or 72%....................

    I've had this card for ages...........

    It doesn't go with anything else I've got and I hate the Bruins, but it's Eddie Freakin' Shore & I just couldn't get rid of it. At long last, North-of-7 to the rescue..................

    Ok, g'nite.
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    Keep the stories coming. Ove those Fleer Great auto's.

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