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Thread: Review of Packrip

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    Review of Packrip

    This is very legit and highly addictive. My nearest hobby shop is an hour away aside from retail, and to be honest the packrip address is closer to me than the next actual nice hobby shop. It fills a huge need for access to hobby packs and boxes without ordering them physically online.

    The trading is pretty active given the small but growinng user base. Between sent and received offers, i have about an 80% trade completion rate.

    The shipping is well protected and fast (albeit i am in Kansas as they are too).

    If i had to make a suggestion, it would be to allow easier viewing of your entire inventory instead of paging through it, and to have the option to set entire port to ship at once.

    Just some thoughts of my experience.
    Primary Collecting Goal: Jerry Rice that I don't have!

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    Fantastic feedback. We'll work on both of those suggestions and report back soon! We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and providing helpful feedback.

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    How can you say legit? There's no legal documentation anywhere on the site. The rips are not live so they can pocket the big hits and just record another video. The site idea is great and I had to try it out myself, but dubious to continue.

  4. #4 No big hits getting kept here. I'm sorry you're skeptical after opening one box of Infinity ( a very risky product, as are many ). Nothing I can say would make you less skeptical of course, but check out the hits and the many many happy users either here, on twitter or on facebook.

    I wish we could do live breaks and somehow still offer you instant access to your cards but sadly thats impossible. Thanks for trying us out!

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    I think the concept is great and the online trading, selling, points rewards all that is really fun. But it would benefit from a third party arbitrator to further credibility.

    Obviously I would have never wrote anything if I scored a nice hit myself. And don't get me wrong I think its pretty brutal of Panini to include 6 rounders in such a premium product. I'll be sure to give a salty review for them as well!

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    Looks like the next box had the Zeke! lol brilliant... FML

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