Team Europe coach Ralph Krueger... is there a more interesting guy in hockey anywhere?

Some of you are probably well aware that he coached the Edmonton Oilers back in the 2012-13 Shortened Season, and was then promptly fired. (I still think it was a poor decision. I did at the time, and I do still today. That was the best season (standings wise) they've had since 2006, and they replaced him whim whom I believe may actually be one of the worst coaches in NHL history...but I'm not trying to start that conversation.

A few others might also know that he's the guy that took the Swiss National program, and brought it to respectibility. They became a country you could expect to be a "top 10" hockey nation on a regular basis, top 8 some years, and give the big 6 a run for their money.

Here's a few things worth mentioning....

- Born in Canada, to German (immigrant) parents
- Played Minor Pro hockey in Germany, for about a decade
- Started coaching after retiring as a player (in various European leagues)
- Coached Austrian national team, and then Swiss
- Published Author, in Germany - his book 'Teamlife' was a best seller.
- Coached the Edmonton Oilers
- After being fired by the Oilers, was part of the coaching staff for Team Canada at the 2014 Olympics
- Since 2014 has been the Chairman of Southhampton FC. Moved from coaching hockey to running English Premiership Football
- Since 2011 has been a member of the World Economic Form's Global Agenda Council

I think he's a pretty easy guy to route for.