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    Question Challenge: guess where these patch pieces came from...

    Hey all! I have a little challenge for those interested in testing their knowledge of NHL team jersey and patch designs over the years. It's also an excuse to show off just a small sample of the rarer cards in my ongoing master set (more coming later ).

    As I build my collection, I come across many card variants with patch pieces.
    Many of these are generic or bland, but some have distinctive traits or unusual colors and I just can't help myself trying to figure out where they actually came from on the jersey.
    This has turned into a fun game, which also helps me add more character to the cataloging aspect of building my collection.

    I thought I'd plumb the considerable knowledge of the forum, to see what we can figure out.
    Here's a sample of some patch variants from my ongoing 2008-09 SPx master set. The patch pieces are small, so it can be hard to determine where they originate from, but the markings, stitch patterns or colors are often unusual enough to give clues for research. Keep in mind that these patches can come from the main team jersey logo, but I've noticed that SPx also seemed to favor shoulder patches for this 2008 set, and these have changed throughout the years, which adds to the challenge.

    Please feel free to post what you might discern from the scans below. Ideally, use pictures to illustrate your findings.

    As an example, I can say that I've identified the source of the patch on this Jari Kurri card, and it's pretty sweet! The patch is actually from the Edmonton Oilers 1988-89 10th Anniversary shoulder patch. Kinda cool!

    Jari Kurri.

    So here are other cards. Have fun and thanks for any help offered!

    #1: Brendan Shanahan (unusual red color for the Whalers - could it be from the shorts?).

    #2: Theoren Fleury (there's a black border on the right of the patch and the red shape is not square - a corner of his back number 14 perhaps? Not sure).

    #3: Dominik Hasek (edit: after a bit of research, this is from the pummel of the cutlass on the shoulder patch of the 1996-99 Bison Head jersey!).

    #4: Adam Oates (really at a loss with this one...).

    #5: Borje Salming (old-school printed patch - unsure of overall design).

    #6: Lanny McDonald (very unusual - almost like it was written on).

    #7: Mats Sundin (awesome patch from Sundin's 1990-94 debut with the Nordiques - I don't recall any silver on Nordiques jerseys from that era though).

    #8: Peter Forsberg (unusual orange-red color on the jersey and patch, instead of the normal burgundy).

    #9: Dale Hawerchuk (never seen this type of teal blue on a sabres jersey).

    #10: Bryan Trottier (intricate pattern, but can't find the source).

    #11: Borje Salming (small number 1 or a slanted letter?)

    #12: Rod Langway (can't tell what letters those are).

    #13: Lanny McDonald (strange red and teal colors for a Leafs jersey - can't place them).

    #14: Bernie Nicholls (I don't recall seeing red on the old Kings jersey, except on the CCM logo).

  2. Kronozio
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    Wow. Great job figuring some of those out. Especially the Hasek! The Forsberg is from his Philly days.
    Looking for Peter Forsberg and Red Wings. Secondarily Cal O'Reilly and Jonas Brodin.
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    The Shanny is probably from a Rangers Jersey.
    Collecting; Autos, GU'd & RC of Flyers & Red Wings, Brodeur, Cujo, Hasek, Nash & Shanahan, 2004-05 Franchises Autos & GU'd
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    Are the last ones game used or event used? Read the back of the cards.
    I collect Beliveau and Lafleur autos. Can consider other nice Habs cards too.
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    The teal Hawerchuk & Mac-Donald swatches as well as the red/yellow Nicholls swatch are probably from the Oldtimers Classics games. There were a bunch of oldtimers jersey and patch cards in 2009/10 SPGU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hockeynick1721 View Post
    Wow. Great job figuring some of those out. Especially the Hasek! The Forsberg is from his Philly days.
    Thanks a lot. I find it adds character to these smaller patch cards and gives the collector more connection to the player that wore this material.

    And you're absolutely right about the Forsberg, and it's actually got me a little worried, honestly. I find it baffling that Upper Deck would design cards with a different material than the one illustrated on the card itself. Shame really.
    It looks like the patch on this card came from somewhere around this area on Forsberg's Philly jersey:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mq13 View Post
    The Shanny is probably from a Rangers Jersey.
    You are most likely correct, now that we've determined that the patches aren't necessarily sourced from the jerseys shown in the picture on the card itself.
    This is doubly unfortunate with this card, since original Whalers patches are harder to come by, and Shanahan's stint with the Rangers was literally 10 years after his time with Hartford.

    In the classic style Rangers jersey, all of the patches have a white line between the red and blue patterns, and on this card, the red seems recessed within the blue, so the only place I can find this patch coming from seems to be from this area on the alternate Lady Liberty jersey main front patch:

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10-4 collector View Post
    Are the last ones game used or event used? Read the back of the cards.
    Good call. I noticed this before and did research hockey events with different jerseys, but this is understandably difficult without some reference. It also doesn't help that some events required the players to use their regular jerseys.

    These are the types of events where the patches were used, as inscribed on each card, but the specific event or date isn't specified:

    #1: Brendan Shanahan --> game-used.
    #2: Theoren Fleury --> game-used.
    #3: Dominik Hasek -->game-used.
    #4: Adam Oates --> game-used.
    #5: Borje Salming --> event-used.
    #6: Lanny McDonald --> event-used.
    #7: Mats Sundin --> game-used.
    #8: Peter Forsberg --> game-used.
    #9: Dale Hawerchuk --> event-used.
    #10: Bryan Trottier --> event-used.
    #11: Borje Salming --> event-used.
    #12: Rod Langway --> event-used.
    #13: Lanny McDonald --> event-used.
    #14: Bernie Nicholls --> event-used.

    The game-used patches are probably also from different teams. I got to research these more.
    You are correct that the last ones were event-used, and it seems that 87sluggo might have the answer for a few cards:

    Quote Originally Posted by 87sluggo
    The teal Hawerchuk & Mac-Donald swatches as well as the red/yellow Nicholls swatch are probably from the Oldtimers Classics games. There were a bunch of oldtimers jersey and patch cards in 2009/10 SPGU.
    For the Hawerchuk and McDonald, the patches definitely come from the jersey numbers, as illustrated here (obviously, each player had a different number):

    For the Nicholls, the patch is red and yellow, both stitched and with a straight break. This doesn't match the Oldtimers' jerseys we have shown yet and I can't seem to find another with the correct pattern.
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    Found the source for #4: Adam Oates!

    Seems the patch comes from the BRUINS shoulder patch on his Boston jersey, specifically the alternate bear-head version.

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    Unfortunately, once more, not a patch from the team pictured on the card...

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