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    looking for oodles of different stuff

    i am officially looking for ANYTHING from this list(no order):

    star/semistar GU(non-white jsy)/AUTO
    Washington Nationals cards
    Vladimir Guerrero GU/Auto cards
    ANY Hoyt Wilhelm stuff
    star/semistar #ed cards
    star/semistar refractors
    ANY Marlon Byrd stuff
    ANY David Eckstein stuff
    1/1 Printing Plates
    cards of defunct teams
    ANY Jim Abbott stuff
    ANY Richie Ashburn stuff
    ANY Roberto Clemente stuff
    star/semistar patch jersey cards
    ANY star/semistar ALLEN AND GINTER cards(base,inserts,GU,AUTO)
    ANY Howie Kendrick stuff
    ANY Nick Markakis stuff
    ANY Brandon McCarthy stuff
    ANY Casey Kotchman stuff

    as you can see its a big list.I REALLY WANT TO DO SOME TRADING OVER THE WEEKEND!!!if you have ANYTHING from this list please lmk!


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    hey, if you're looking for some A&G base stuff, let me give you a name. last night this guy did a live break of like 30 A&G packs. I've already contacted him requesting some, but you might want to also. here is a link...

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    ive got some A&G floating around- do you happen to have any? Im looking for jennie finch and danika patrick stuff from the set, or id be up for pretty much any trade. i bought the packs hoping to pull those 2 and didnt, so all that i have is f/t
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    sorry i dont have either of those.

    i do have some a and g i might trade.any teams/players you need?

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    not working on the set at all, like i said, i was just after those 2 cards...willing to trade any of your vintage stuff for a/g?
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    i got 14 A&G base cards of star to semi star players, some of them include pujols, that statue of liberty card u wanted and some other. lmk what in bv u could trade me for them?? would be looking for game used only becasue they have stopped making A&G

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    palantri:i couldnt deal any of the higher end vintage i could maybe deal the lower end(either billy martins?).also how many cards of a and g do you have?

    boondock:they stopped making a and g?

    anyways i cant deal any GU too good maybe a lower end one.what do you see in my bucket?

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    ive got about 6 packs worth, around 60 cards or so. im really interested in the 64 killebrew if we can work a larger deal
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