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    I have 50.00 to spend....on anything!!

    EDIT; 30.00 currently as of 6:15 CST on 8/27
    its in the paypal account.....and I will buy:
    Cubs hats
    Cubs throwback/newer version jerseys(full size Medium)
    Cubs gu/autos
    high end
    star/HOF autos
    Nolan Ryan auto
    Honus Wagner gu
    old timer GU
    anything else
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    Any interest in a 2006 Bowman Chrome Refractor Mark Pawelek auto #ed 500? it is a redemption.

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    wow a response within 2 minutes...however, sorry, not very interested in that one. thanks anyways,

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    Aim- Taj516

    Gary Sheffield /5 -auto
    Jason Giambi-auto
    Tony Womack 1999-00 autographics -auto
    Darryl Strawberry /25 legendary cuts -auto
    Kerry Woods 04-05 patchworks #'d 190-jersey
    Jason Bay Donruss Champion Press plate 1/1
    J.R Durbin patchwork auto works (auto) /49
    Dale Murphy UD Classics gu jersey
    Ryan Dempster Donruss Champion (gu patch)
    Curt Schilling Donruss Studio /15
    Gary Carter " " "
    Mark texiera " " "
    Cliff Floyd Donruss Champion (gu Patch)
    Earl Wynn Donruss Campion (gu Jersey)


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    go4man2k: LMK how much dlvd on the grace auto

    Taj: I will IM you...

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    any interst in eiter of these

    2003 sweet spot classic haray caray cubs logo patch price-6
    felix pie auto ball with coa price 25.

    i can do both for 30 dlvd with delivary confirmation.

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    like any of these?

    Andruw Jones 2006 Ultra "Ultra Fines fabrics" Gu jersey #FM-AJ
    Edwin Jackson 2004 UD Etched In Time auto #'d 84/100 #ET-EJ
    Bartolo Colon 1995 Classic 5-sport Auto SP # NNO
    Tommy John 2003 Topps Encased Auto #TA-TJ
    Cesar Izturis 2001 Leaf Limited Gu pants RC #'d 242/650 #336
    Shawn Green 2005 Absolute Memorabilia 4 piece jersey/jersey/jersey/bat #'d 77/100 #TT-45
    Pat Burrell 2000 Fleer Mystique Feel The Game gu bat #NNO
    Sammy Sosa 2005 Upper Deck MVP gu jersey #GU-SS
    Michael Young 2005 Zenith Gu bat #ZB-90
    Sammy Sosa 2002 Upper Deck Mid-Summer Star Swatches Gu jersey # MS-SS
    Miguel Cabrera 2004 Leaf Certified Mirror Red Gu bat #'d 173/250 #137
    Adrian Beltre 2005 Fleer Showcase Measures of Greatness gu jersey #'d 26/340 # MG-AB
    Antonio Perez 2003 Donruss Champions auto RC #'d 105/500 #248
    Kameron Loe 2005 Studio Private Signings Auto Rc #'d 62/100
    Alfonso Soriano 2003 UD Game Gear Game Used Jersey # GG-AS (with pinstripe)
    Todd Helton 2001 Topps Stars Game Gear Gu jersey # TSR-TH
    Vladimir Guerrero 2003 Fleer Authentix Bat Authentix Gu bat # BA-VG
    Vladimir Guerrero 2001 Absolute Memorabilia home Opener Souvenirs gu base #'d 341/400
    Alfonso Soriano 2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Gu Bat #POG-9
    Alfonso Soriano 2004 Topps Gu Bat Card # AS
    Alfonso Soriano 2003 Topps Pristine Bomb Squad 2-Color Gu jersey #PBS-AS
    Alfonso Soriano 2003 Fleer Double Header Gu jersey #NNO (mini card)
    Michael young 2005 Fleer Showcase Wave of the Future Gu jersey # WF-MY
    Hank Blalock 2005 Leaf home Jersey gu jersey # HJ-6
    Sammy Sosa 2004 Leaf Player's Collection Gu 2-Color jersey #PC-85 (pinstripe)
    Lyle Overbay 2005 Leaf Certified Mirror Gold Gu jersey #'d 3/25
    Travis Hafner 2005 U.D. Sweet Spot Swatch gu jersey #MM-HA
    Miguel Cabrera 2005 Topps Update All-Star Stitches gu #ASA-MC
    Austin Kearns 2004 Leaf Certified BLue gu jersey #'d 95/100 #16
    Austin Kearns 2004 Leaf Certified Red gu jersey(2 color) #'d 106/150 # 16
    Austin Kearns 2005 Diamond Kings dual bat gu #'d 3/100 #70
    Hank Blalock 2004 Topps Finest Gu jersey #FR-HB2
    Manny Ramirez 2003 Topps Finest Gu jersey #FRj-MR

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