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    trading for UNSIGNED replica jerseys in any sport

    looking for UNSIGNED full size jerseys in any sport....preferbly in size XL or XXL....mainly want basketball, baseball, football....doesnt have to be brand new but has to be in great shape....LMK what you have and what bv you are looking on it.

  2. Kronozio
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    Hells, I sent your VC UNC jrsy and ball. Thanks for the trade. Dude, I know you dont want to trade the Ivan hat, but I want to make an offer. I would give you a Vince Carter Raptors replica jrsy XXL, and a Vince Carter Stitched All Star East jersey. Both are in great shape, both are XXL. The AllStar jersey is super sweet! LMk, Brian

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    anyway you can email me pics of the jerseys? LMK thanks

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