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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglefan52081
    i would say that is too much.

    Oh man I'm bummed I thought I would sell it at that price easily:icon_roll :icon_roll :new_blueg

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    100,000 if you remove a zero you may be able to get it

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    I posed this as a question to the auction:

    It's Fleer, there could be 100 of these all stamped 1/1 for all we know- or even unstamped or stamped after-factory (secondary market stamp). Did you see the load of crap they unleashed on this hobby in the Fleer Bankruptcy auction and subsequent Upper Deck Redemption settlement. Very soon the Old Fleer will go the way of Action Packed, Wild Card, Pacific, and Collector's Edge. Worthless, uncollectable, and unlisted in price guides. (Great for Beckett- give us 20 less pages of prices and 20 more pages of self-promotion of their website, grading, etc.) I hope THIS makes > publication < on your auction.

    Wonder if he'll answer (post it)?

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