I'd love to see more sports and hobby talk on this site, so I'd figure I'd start a thread :-)

Here are two NO-BRAINER trades I could see happening before this year's NFL trade deadline:

1.) BRONCOS TRADE for TONY ROMO: This is an absolute no-brainer trade for both teams. The Cowboys fan base is entirely behind Dak Prescott and it seems the best thing for the Boys future would be to let the kid roll with Zeke and grow together, not bench him in a favor of an oft-injured and aging Romo. As for the Broncos ... their defense is the stuff of legend and I have little doubt that if they paired that defense with an offense led by Tony Romo they would be the favorites to win the Super Bowl come playoff time.

2.) BUCCANEERS TRADE MIKE GLENNON to the CLEVELAND BROWNS: The Bucs have no need of Mike Glennon, period. Their ownership and fan base are all-in on Jameis Winston and Mike Glennon will be a free agent this coming offseason, so it makes all the sense in the world to pick up a draft pick for him before he leaves them with nothing. As for the Browns, obviously RG3 and Charlie Whitehurst are not the long-term answer and while Kessler didn't look like an abomination while playing, it would be a good idea for the Browns to give Glennon a look to see if they really need to spend their upcoming #1 pick on a QB like Kizer or Watson or whether they could spend that pick on a different player and turn their offense over to the strong-armed Glennon.

3.) JETS TRADE for JAY CUTLER: I mean, if they could get him for a conditional 7th round pick, why not, right? LOL.