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    FS/FT 2005 Skybox AUTO JSY Johan Santana #'d 28/100

    FS/FT 2005 Skybox AUTO JSY Johan Santana #'d 28/100

    The name says it all. Books for $40.00

    I would consider trading for rookies maybe if it was in my favor a bit but probably looking for auto or autos in return

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    I have a verlander 05 bowman chrome rookie bv 60... would need something else with the santana

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    Im very interested.... heres a link to a bunch of my rookies, and i would trade in your favor (how much in your favor depends on what you want). Also have a few autos ft, but would rather trade the rookies. Also, what set/subset/card number is the Santana? Thanks.

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    2005 Bowman Heritage Mahogany Ryan Zimmerman???

    Is this card #340??? A few cards Im intrested in.

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    I will let you know later this afternoon. Just to let you know I like the zimmerman and the clement. probably would have to find something else as well.

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