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    Thumbs down man am i peev'ed at upper deck, pulled a certifed auto card with no auto

    i recently pulled a 04/05 sp signature rookie graphiti #an andres nocioni 115/200 and its missing the autograph, so now i have a certified authentic auto card with no auto, i havent heard back from upper deck yet, but i am doubting they will replace it

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    did he definately sign them?? i know this happens alot with football stuff, especially playoff contenders where they are just unable to get that player to sign their cards, even though their original intentions were to do so....they are issued just as they would be, #d and what not, just unsigned....and beckett reflects this in their pricing (listed as "no auto")....just something you should look into if you haven't already!! i know nothing about basketball, just wanted to throw that out there!!

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    yup, an autographed one sold on the bay, and it books for $20 according to the opg

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    Send it to Nocioni, you'll get faster results. Tell him to sign it in RED or something- you'll have a 1/1 variation you can scan and e-mail Beckett about!

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    but hes in argentina right now i think,rite?

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    That is really dangerous for UD to do! What is to keep you from signing it yourself? I mean, UD certifies this is a real auto? Scary.

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