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    My great day at the flea market

    well i got about 50 cards for .10 about 30 iof them 2006 bowman gold first yeatr cards got a couple aramis cards... tehn i came to this table it was a $1 for a box of carsds i buy ti figuring what the heck see a couple walter paytons some singletarys marions rice.. a couple rc's of simeon rice and then i get to the best card:

    1991 Pro Line Portraits Autographs Mel Blount BV 25 all in a box for $1!!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Can't beat that!!! LOL

    Not too shabby. For sure worth the $1


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    nice finds- flea markets are great for bargain cards- i used to have one in my town and I felt kind of bad because these old people had tons of card and they were selling like jermaine oneal rookie for a quarter and other great cards for nothing- also I got a t-mac rookie for like 3-5 dollars.

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    hey nice finds!

    i may be going to that flea market soon.

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    thanks!! yea the blounts for trade is he in the HOF???

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