As promised -- more card stuff after the wedding! Gift cards are sweet, but cash is always the best, right? I recently discovered my LCS has unopened late '90s b-ball boxes, so I wanted to make sure to hit them up and try my chances on them with my gift cash. Here is what I got:

1995-96 Stadium Club Series 2

Gaudy and funky designs for the most part, but the same amazing fresh gloss smell after 20 years! Yay! Love the old sweepstakes card - winning a trip to the 1996 Finals. Man that would have been cool back in the day, seeing the 72 win Bulls. I do like the foil on the special Magic Johnson base card; I remember when he came back and did that fake on Latrell Sprewell in his first game back. Memories.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a very good box insert-wise. There are some cool inserts to be had in this set, but I just got two Spike Says cards (Barkley and Reggie Miller). Got one copy of the Garnett rookie.

1996-97 Fleer Series 1 Hobby

Did better with the inserts odds on this one. Coolest pull was a Kevin Garnett Franchise Futures. Gasped when I pulled it - at 1:54 packs with a slick design, I thought it would be worth at least $10, but apparently these only go for a few bucks now. Bummer. Still looks nice. Also got two base Jordans, two Hardwood Leaders subset base Jordans, Lucky 13 Redemption #11 (would have been Todd Fuller; I know some folks like collecting unredeemed redemptions, so it's for trade if you like that sort of thing), Rookie Rewind of Kurt Thomas, two Stackhouse's All-Fleer (David Robinson and Barkley), and Stackhouse Scrapbook #10.

1996-97 Z-Force Series 1

This box cost more than the others due to a chance at Autographics, but alas - no Autographics, or even any of the rare inserts. Such is why these things are worth the big bucks, though -- no guaranteed hits like today's sets. Pulled a Jordan base and lots of Z-Clings (one per pack), the best of which are Jason Kidd and John Stockton.

1998-99 Stadium Club Series 2

This was just a retail blaster, so the serially numbered cards and refractors were the biggest chases. Bad fortune continued tonight, so didn't get any of those, either. Did pull Royal Court Keith Van Horn, Never Compromise Vince Carter (would have gotten trade requests within minutes back in the Vinsanity days), Wing Men Michael Finley, and a Chrome card of Shaq (nice design; great pic of him too dunking from top camera view on a helpless Jim McIlvaine).

Fun breaks, but wish at least one of the boxes could have yielded something better. I almost got a 96-97 Hoops Series 1 box for another chance at Autographics, but the total was slightly out of my remaining price range. That was the only other late '90s box he had left in which I was interested. Perhaps it will still be around later and will have something really good; I visit this LCS regularly, and there aren't many b-ball collectors in my area, so I have confidence I can pick it up, perhaps around Christmas.

Let me know if you want anything. I might attempt to put together some of the sets.