Hello all! This card was pulled all the way over in the czech republic, it just shows you a pc item can be anywhere! Any way, i got pretty excited when the artifacts checklist came out, i wasnt expecting much from lafleur, as UD has been using plain white jersey pieces over the last year in their releases. I saw him listed as an all-star and got excited, but nervous at the same time. In 2015 The Cup (foundations) they listed lafleur as an all-star,pictured him in an all star jersey, then put the Quebec emblem on the front of the card as well. I couldnt really tell what color the patches were, and over paid IMO because i thought it was an all star jersey. I like the unique items you dont see every day. In turn, although awesome patches, they were clearly quebec patches. The first card i bought was the dual jersey, and to my surprise, the jersey was orange indicating it was an all star jersey-most likely. Then the /2 popped up and i couldnt of been happier! The orange dual is the only orange one ive seen(EBAY 1/1), along with a couple black pieces.
I also have never seen any of these dominion lafleur logos/4, years later one finally popped up. Lafleur tag pieces are pretty rare, will i see more? who knows, just glad to have landed these!
Sorry for the long read! Have a nice day! Brian