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Thread: You can tell its fall

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    You can tell its fall

    The site is definately slowing down. Kids are going back to school. Dang.

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    Yep, fall is around the corner... Kids going back to school, the 2006 MLB season is winding down.

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    Definately. Will it be like this all school year? Or maybe during the holidays for a short period it will speed up. (Everyone gets new stuff)....

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    True True. I myself have been back in school for a week now...but I still come on after school.

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    yea this is the 2nd week ive been in school so far.

    i still come on in the mornings before school and a lot after schoold(when im not doing homework).

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    once everyone gets into the swing of things and realizes their work load they start coming on more. Im a freaking college SR but i recognize my work load and can come on at all diff times during the day. gotta love being a history major, all reading :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by softballa04
    The site is definately slowing down. Kids are going back to school. Dang.
    LOL, my classes just started back and I no longer have the money or energy to devote to cards. I still plan to dabble though with sales and trading, so you can count on me on this site.

    I got two boxes of 2006 chrome coming next week! I am so excited. But after that, it's going to be hard for me to spend more than $10 bucks on cards b/c i dont have the money killa

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    fall!?!?! i had to run in 100 degrees its not fall till november.

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