This was the only thing at Walmart that caught my eye for the wedding gift card. It promised some RWB parallels and hobby packs. Here is the breakdown:

13-14 Panini pack one: James Posey auto (Memphis uni), Trey Burke RC, Alex Len RC -- always nice to pull an auto from a Walmart break

13-14 Panini pack two: LeBron base, Ben McLeMore Top 10, Otto Porter RC, Giannis RC

13-14 Panini pack three: Derrick Rose Bird's Eye View, Archie Goodwin RC, Steven Adams RC

13-14 Panini pack four: Stephen Curry Knight School , Phil Pressey RC, Ricky Ledo RC

13-14 Panini pack five: Jrue Holiday Preparation, Tony Mitchell RC, Shabazz Muhammad RC

13-14 Prizm pack: Larry Bird Hall Monitors, another Giannis RC

13-14 RWB pack: Ray Allen, Paul George, Hakeem Olajuwon

Not too bad for one of these modest things. LMK if interested in anything.