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    Hockey card blogs and player & team collectors

    I've noticed that baseball is where you will find the most card-related blogs. We could have a long thread on why we think that is.

    Some of the ones I really like are ones where the blogger has a particular player or team they collect. It's not all about hits with these guys. They collect cards for fun and this just adds to it for them. I've been known to send cards to some of these guys just because I have them and don't need/want them. One of the joys of the hobby for me is getting cards into the hands of the "right" people.

    These are some of my favorites:

    Tim Wallach - I'd say he classifies as a super collector. I've sent him cards a few times.

    Bob Walk the Plank - Collects Pittsburgh Pirates cards and through his (and others') blog, trades with others. - Jason doesn't write much as far as blogging, but he is a player (Josh Fogg) super collector and uses his site to both use off his stuff and list his wants.

    Cardboard History - Billy collects basketball and NASCAR for the most part, but he does add in some others. He also has another blog or two.

    I'm sure a couple are slipping my mind as I write this. I've read through many others where the guys collect just a little bit of everything. There are some popular blogs centered around teams (the Dodgers and Angels come to mind). I think they are fun to read because I like to know what others collect and also help them out when I can.

    My point to all of this...does anyone know of some good hockey card related blogs? Guys that collect just about everything of a current player or team? It would be fun to follow and learn more about others in the hobby, what they collect and maybe what makes them tick.

    Even though I have my blog that many know about, I think I may make a more "personal" one in the mold of some of these other ones that I linked to above. Something that's more about me.

    Hoping y'all can turn me onto some blogs that I didn't know about !

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    I mean, my site isn't spectacular and I don't have the most popular player around, but my site (as you already know, haha) features my Enroth collection:


    Thanks for this topic. I always love reading about this fun hobby and checking out other player PC's is always a blast!

    And your blog posts are always carefully constructed and are very fun to read through. Your pickups, alongside your hobby talk blog posts are fantastic.
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    I do think that a may start a couple more blogs that are more specific to my collecting interests. Perhaps one for the Shaw collection and/or hockey cards in general...and maybe one for the open-wheel racing.

    Each blogging site (Wordpress, Weebly, Blogger) seems to have it's advantages and disadvantages. If I do make a couple more, they will probably be on Blogger. I do like a lot about the design.

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    So, I realized over the long weekend that I posted this in the wrong place. If any admin sees and wants to move, I think the basic hockey forum is where I intended to post.

    Anyway, I've found a few as I've been going down blog rabbitholes.

    Wax Stain Rookie

    Hockey Kazi

    $30 a Week Habit

    Sportscards From The Dollar Store

    Supporting the Minnow

    Will add more as I come across them.


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    These are awesome! Thanks a ton for sharing them; gonna add them to my reading list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 56Parkies View Post
    These are awesome! Thanks a ton for sharing them; gonna add them to my reading list.
    Glad that you enjoyed! I want to start a new one, but I'm struggling mightily to come up with a solid, catchy name.

    Nonetheless, here are more:


    Diamond Cuts and Wax Stains


    Just A Bit Offside


    Puck Junk - also has a hockey card podcast

    The Cardboard and Me (has been inactive awhile, however)

    The Hopeful Chase

    The Real DFG

    Vintage Hockey Cards Report

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