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    Angry p od about target fleer hot prospects

    from target i bought a donruss classics blister and did alright i just went back to target today and saw 4 blisters of fleer hot prospects hockey for $6.97 each and thought what a great deal and product. well very seldom am i not happy with what i get but after i opened all 4 packs i noticed the top of the packs said retail. why in the world $6.97 for retail which i got absolutely nothing i figured they were hobby well next time i know to look and hopefully when i get my 2 boxes in this week it will make up for the wasted $28.

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    Why are you blaming Fleer when it stated RETAIL on the packs?

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    anyways why would you expect there to be HOBBY packs at target?

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    There are hobby packs at Target all the time, Sweet Spot, Classics, all that.

    I almost fell for the same thing n the Hot Prospects, there hoping you dont notice.

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    really? does it say hobby on the pack jw because i dont know how to tell the difference between a retail pack and a hobby pack at target

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    Usually there in Blister Packs (Like a pack within a lil case, they hang on the wall). I think they normally say hobby.

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    All the hobby packs come in the blister packages and are hanging...

    I've been able to get the following from Target in Hobby Blisters:
    Sweet Spot-Baseball, Football, Basketball-9.99
    Bowman Sterling-29.99
    Donruss Classics-5.99
    Reflections-Baseball, football-9.99
    Gridiron Gear-6.99
    Topps Pristine-29.99
    Topps Legends Signature-29.99

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    so i collect wwe cards and at walmart they have blister packs of wwe insider where you get 2 packs- so that means those are hobby packs?

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    Not necessarily... You have to look for the Topps Hobby insignia to be sure you're getting hobby...

    At Target they sometimes have Fleer Ultra football, 2 packs per blister... Sometimes they are hobby, but if you don't look carefully, sometimes they are retail dressed up like Hobby....

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    ONE MORE THING lol caps- what does the topps hobby insignia look like

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