I have the following mcfarlanes, starting lineups and 1 bobble head for sale. I am limited on transportation. Depending on how many you buy wil dictate the shipping cost. I will package it up take to my post office and get an accurate postage rate. Please just tell me which ones you would like and what you will pay for them. thanks

starting lineups
1995 timeless legends rocky marciano
1996 troy aikman
1997 emmit smith
1997 brett favre
1994 reggie white
2001 shaun alexander
1994 emmit smith
1997 coopers town collection josh gibson (damaged)
1998 mark brunell (damaged)
1997 cal ripken jr (damaged)
1998 drew bledsoe
2011 Aaron Rodgers(2)
2012 andrew luck
2002 ichiro
2013 colin kaepernick (2)
2012 RGIII(4)
2005 military mcfarlane airforce spec opps cmd. CCT (2)
2013 play mekers colin kaepernick(3)
2012 playmakers tom brady
2015 jimmy graham
2013 dwight howard (lakers)
2014 aaron rodgers
2012 tim tebow (jets)
2010 wayne gretzky ( oilers)
2010 wayne gretzky (oilers)
2011 james reimer (1736/2000)
2015 andrew luck
2009 matt ryan (name sleeve came off)

bobble head
2002 ichiro