Hey friends, just wondered, what is your best IP success story, and in the same vein, your worst?
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My best was by far Kevin Butler from the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl team. I waited in his autograph line when we used to live in the Chgo area, and he was graciously signing anything and everything for everyone. I got there, and handed him my items, and he gave me two extra photos, saying "here, give these to your friends." I then explained that he had always been my favorite player, as my name is Kevin as well, and I thought it was awesome when I was young that we shared a name. He smiled, and took off his Super Bowl ring, and said "Why don't you go ahead and try that on for size, Kevin!" I did, and we got a photo together. Years later, I mailed him the same photo, which he signed and returned, inscribing "To Kevin - Great Name - Great Fan - Go Bears - Kevin Butler - Super Bowl XX. Just an awesome classy man!

My worst was by far Willie McGee. My 2 1/2 year old son and I went to our local indy league team's ballpark, and Willie was advertised as doing a signing before the game ($100 per ticket, um...no) and "participating in special events throughout the evening of the game" (though he left in the middle of the first inning). Willie was interviewed on the field before the game, and didn't respond to any of the fans gathered around the netting behind the first base line, though he was very close to all of us. He then walked to the dugout, at which time I was standing with my son right by the dugout steps. He stopped to take a photo with the people in front of me, and I then made eye contact with him and said "Mr. McGee, can I get a photo with you and my son please?" to which he extended his hand, palm out, towards us and turned away without saying anything. I was so bothered by this, that I said "seriously?" and I had a security guard there to tell me that he was not talking to fans right now. Well no kidding, I figured that one out! Needless to say, I am not a McGee fan anymore!

Let me know your stories, might be a fun thread!

God Bless,