Bought a case for 399 from blowoutcards on black friday. There are too many paper base cards!!!!!! Fun break though. All available for sale, but I am planning on sending the better cards to COMC later this week. So act quick!

box #1
Chris shaw autograph
manuel margot blue refractor

box #2
Garrett Whitley Green refractor auto /99 :)

box #3
chris betts autograph
chris shaw green refractor /99

box #4
Michael matuella chrome autograph

nathan kirby orange refrator /25

box #5
kyle tucker chrome auto
blake trahan purple refractor /250
cam gibson orange paper /25

box #6
taylor ward chrome autograph

trent clark bowman INITIATION (case hit that sells for 1$) lol
Andrew benintendi base and PURPLE /250 refractor :)