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    want to trade my bball for football or basketball

    check my freewbes and photobucvket

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    weve gone over this before i am collecting jose reyes so it is nft

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    HEY IM A HUGE SOX FAN AND WOOULD LOVE TO AD THE YAZ GU TO MY COLLECTION! look at my tradelist in my sig I have some basektaball and football gu ft!

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    ok im trading basketball for baseball or football...and i didnt see anything baseball or football i could use you could always buy though

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    change your titlle it says trading bb for basketball and football.. i spent my allowance..

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    check my site for these
    barbosa auto
    liriano rookie-is it in good condition? no white edges or corners?
    michael clayton auto

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