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    A Couple of questions from a brand new collector

    My first collection is the 2006 Score Football Cards. In three boxes and about 50 loose packs I have all but 3 of the base set (regular/glossy mixed), all of the rookies (regular/glossy), all but one of the hot rookie cards (missing number 5), 6 red zone cards (120) 17 scorecards (750), 21 gold zone (600) 2 artist proofs and 1 auto card.

    1. In your opinion what is the best brand of card to get by the box?

    2. What is the best way to trade extra cards single,by team,or random bunches?

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    What are you going to be collecting? Most people collect a team or players that they like. Some of the best products are SP Authentic, SPX, Playoff Contenders, leaf limited if youre into high end stuff and autos.

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    I was thinking of sticking with a certain brand like Score and go back till 2004. (collecting for my son who is two now). Thanks for the suggestions Do you have an idea of price ranges on those boxes?

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    Oh, ok so your going to collect sets? Score doesnt really make much thats valuable except this year because of the rookie autos. SP Authentic, Contenders, etc. make rookie autos in the base set and are always of good value. Im not too sure on the box prices but from 2005 SP Authentic is like $125, SPX $125, leaf limited $60. In SPA for 05 you got 3 autos a box and leaf limited was $60 a pack which includes one auto or jersey + 3 #d cards. Hope Im helping...

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    Helping tremendously !! Looks like I need work on getting my goals of those past two years of score first, then I can work my way up to these more expensive yet worth it sets from your descriptions.

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    Ok, good. Well Im out for the night but Ill be back tomorrow to help out some more. Im sure someone else will come in and give you some tips too...Good luck!!

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    jpp if you are going to collect an easy set to get i would go with either topps, Upperdeck, or bowman score cards dont have a lot of value bowman usually hold its value well. And there are a ton of rc in there. so you can get the best of both worlds and the bowman is usually a good hit. Hope this helps thanks.


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    I used to make sets with my dad and that is all we were into, but after keeping close watch on Beckett values and what not, I have learned that sets are not as valuable as they used to be (with the exception of Ultimate Collection and Exquisite). Because nowadays the rookies are the $$ cards and they are short printed and hard to get (2 - 6 per box). Making a set of the base cards is fun for the collecting side, but shouldn't be too hard with buying a box or two and getting on a site like this to pick up miscellaneous base cards.
    What I've picked up after 15 years collecting now is that find someone, some team, some something that you really like. Or someone you really think your son might like in the future (that is hard to guess)... and collect them. There are so many products coming out every year (36 different varieties, different prices, different looks)... that you can get lost in all of it.
    This year the draft class is incredible so football cards are hot. Find someone you like and go after them. It might be hard (like mine, cuz I foolishly chose Reggie bush) but it makes for some fun collecting.

    Also, I bought a box of Score. I'll check and see if I have the Hot Rookie you are missing. Hope this was helpful.

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    CB that was great info. I agree I think I will just collect the 3 sets of score 2004 -2006 and start with another brand collecting potential HOF and Rookies. Thanks again.

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